From inside what feels like a 2020s Octavia Butler novela. Short and brash. Concepts pile together as words form sentence and then paragraphs turn into story.

A barrage of curve balls without direction. Bystanders struck endlessly. None are innocent. With no place to go for they can not see past…

Her marble dress

She stares at my eyes and smiles.

She is a sparkle from within the sky.

Particles of matter form meteors.

She is the kind of sight that stays within your mind for the eternity. You share tales of her to your children, of the sky and so they will too.

Update 3.7440 — before the early bird ends (date:05.25.2021)

Hello world. Thank you for your support thus far. We are near the completion of day 3 of 30 and with about 27 days to go we are quickly approaching our base goal of $9k. We are over 43% progressed. We have 40 backers and its amazing!

Let’s keep sharing…

... is more like the country of Brooklyn. This city is a paradise of blossoming freedom. I have seen it with my own eyes day after day. There is magic here.

Present. I’m sitting her under a rustic bridge in the middle of Prospect Park. Trails shoot out into dense…

He’d awoken from a restless sleep, but he didn't open his eyes or attempt to move a muscle.

He instead forced himself to continue the sleep, clinging to the safety of his imagination and the freedom of his mind.

It was the kind of sleep that you fight for, hoping…

Anwar Bey

Founder of Mind Traveler Design. Creator of PLASMAworlds.

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